Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Letter #28 Laugh & Enjoy

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMY!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE ITS YOUR BIRTHDAY WOOOHOOO! i dont know how old you are but i guess thats a good thing age doesnt matter ahaha what are you going to do today??? will you eat golden spoon for me and ill eat açaí for you ta boa?well i just wanted to wish you a happy birthday and that i love you and will be thinking of you today! this past sunday i wanted to give you a hug for some reason.. tell brenan to give you a hug like i give you hugs.. o and i had two flans this week already! members made for dessert i thought my mom loves this cake thing hahaim. the two sisters i think are brazilian i know one is brazilian for sure. sister harris already left and sister ward leaves in two weeks. ya her mom is brazilian so she can come and get her no problem.
(this is Ronald in the picture)
okay mom here are some names that Ronald our recent convert gave us of people in his family that have passed away. he is so excited about the gospel he started searching for names for the temple right away. i have 8 names and so does sister rueckert. i told him that my family could do some names for him and he got really excited bc the temple is really far here and doesnt know when hell be able to go. what do you think.. can you do these names for him? he didnt have all the information on all of them but this is what he could do let me know what you think if you have time to do this

as for this week it was great! were working with this investigator named regenaldo he is hillarious. he went to church with the missionaries when he was 17 and he is now 31. he came to church with us this sunday and he was scared to take the sacrement i told him it was okay and later he said he never felt that warm feeling before. he was so exciting he participated in all the classes and told us he wants to be baptized were preparing him for this sunday. as a missionary you forget about all the wierd things that happen daily it becomes normal. the other day regenaldo was reanacting a story and he was jumping up and down and making funny sounds and i stopped for one moment and took myself out of the situation and realized how funny it was. sometimes you get so into the work you forget to laugh and enjoy the funny things along the way but the only bad part was taht i started to laugh and couldnt stop, sister rueckert didnt know why i was laughting and regenaldo was really confused later i told sister rueckert and she agreed...
Ronald had an interview with the bishop this past sunday and he said he can get the aaronic priesthood this sunday or next he is so excited he couldnt wait to tell us... he even started making the lists for the temple and calling all his relatives of people who passed away. i love ronald such an elect.
also this week sis r and i found out that for sure that brazil doesnt have sarcasm its a fact hha. we were at a members house which happened to have visiting teachers over at the time and sister rueckert loves to joke but in brazil they never get it so i told her to just stop bc it just doesnt make any sense to the brazilians so we were all sitting in there in the living room and sister rueckert said somthing serious then said just kidding and the room just became silent no one got her joke she was super embarrassed and just looked at me and i was just in the corner laughing then she started laughting and we couldnt stop. everyone was so confused why these two little americans were laughting at a joke that wasnt funny. we concluded that night that the humor here is completly different and sarcasm doesnt exist ha
well on the mission im learning to recognize the little miracles that happen daily. i wish i could tell you all... all the little details that happen. were always running into to people that say "i just prayed yesterday for the lord to show me what to do...or i prayed yesterday to find a church or i prayed to get help...." we run into these people all the time and its amazing how the lord knows exactly where to put us at exactly the right time. he gives his children opportuinities to choose the right but its thier responsibitly to take it. i love the work, i get excited to teach the people that are searching for the truth. that funny song comes into my head " keep a smile on your face and make a world a better place" haha its like a kids song or somthing but im loving it, still killing it...
love you all
sister corbin

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  1. I LOVE reading her emails! Dallin is going to have a hard time if the Brasilian people don't get sarcasm! opps! How super exciting that you get to do some temple work for these people that Aubree is working with!!!