Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Letter #27 Let Us Not Despair

ellloooooonossa i cant believe dane is already two he will turn three right when i get home next year! crazy! okay so after i emailed you i got three packages i got the sees candy with the shirts and the brownie mix one too so am i call caught up? ummm random is arnold swartchinater our govener still hahah people ask me alot surprisingly. as for me im doing great today was a sisters pday! all the sisters got to go to the mission home and have lunch and make little booklits and learn how to be pretty as a missionary hahah its funny but i loved it i love sister parrella we call her mãe sometimes cause she litterally is our mother figure in the mission were always dealing with elders. sister harris will leave on monday and sister ward leaves in three weeks and then well get two more sisters so it will stay at ten for the mission. well i dont have too much time this week to write due to the sister pday but this week was full of ups and downs.. naturally in a missionaries life. for my six months mark me and my comp treated ourselves to a big bowl of açaí.. the US needs to have this fruit i dont think people realize what they are missing. on saturday was rough.. we went from having 7 progessive investigators to nothing in about 2 hours. its super hard when you put all this faith love and heart into a person and in one minute they can break it. you feel for one moment that all your hard work was wasted.. were there other people we missed because we were working with these people who realy didnt care? were we doing our best to teach with the spirit so they could make the right choice? all these things rush into your head at once and you wonder if your living your full potential in the lords work but then i had to stop and pull myself together and my comp and look at the challenge as a gift as chance to start over a chance to take this lesson and learn... and i did i learned patience, humility, learned that sometimes you have to realize that people have thier own livre abritiro free choice learned about trusting in the lord that his plan isnt always ours my comp and i experienced .000000000001% of what the savior went through. i cant even imagine people not believing that he wasnt the son of god to his face, talking bad about his father, always living through this pain. later that night we taught a few more lessons with our heads held high knowing the lord would replace the ones we lost. she read a quote that night that i loved " let us not despair for the work in which we are engaged is the work of the lord" . mom im reading in mosiah right now tooo i love that part with abinadi he is sooo legit!!! and alma was the only one that listened and ran away and taught the gospel... love it. im in mosiah to go but i love this work and im learning more and more everyday! vamos pra frentelove sister corbin

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