Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Letter #25 I Rejoice In His Goodness Everyday

OI mãe!Yay im glad you got my letter! whats a snail mail?ha ha... o ok i will think of a pic and you can just choose one of the ones from the last chip i just sent you.. ill think about what scrip and what pic and get back to you next week. we have conference next week so if i get any packages it will be this week i hope so bc i havent gotten any for about a month or so the last one was the rice crispies. im so excited for tucker! he is going to do great.. is ther an mtc in england or is he going to provo?Well this week on monday sister rueckert and i were waiting patiently by the phone all day waiting to see where we were going to go. this is sister ruecks 2nd transfer here. we waited until 9 oclock that night and came to the conclusion that the president was going to call and that we were staying together! ill stay here with sister rueckert another transfer in beautiful pampulha! im excited... i think a big reason is ronald. the man that we baptized two sundays ago he is invited everyone to church and everyone to listen to the sisters every night we go to his house he has a new friend there to listen. he is so passion about the gospel sometimes we have to calm him down if the person doesnt understand the message.. he goes i dont know about you but this is the truth... he is funny, love him.this transfer is also a little shorter so we dont have much time left here. right now we have some investigators but no one really firm well see if well have a baptism this sunday.. this lettter will probably be really random im sorry ha. i just have a lot of stories i want to tell this week. one of them is about this women andrea. she has a hard life. Her husband tried to kill her once so she ran away from him with her 5 children found out later that he burned the book of mormon and few days later.. passed away. coincidence not sure. she is scared of both god and the devil is looking for the truth but doesnt know where to find it. we were teaching her in her house and all the sudden her sister was on the tv getting arrested for drugs... she burst into tears and all we could do was pray for her. i walked away that day from her house never being so grateful for the life that i have the truth and the knowledge that isnt something to fear but someone to love. the gospel is the only thing on this earth that will bring us happiness.. with all the truths. some people just have a few.. we taught a person from the churh of setumus dias i think its like the 7th day in english not sure they go to church on saturday. this lady let us in with the purpose of bashing we figured it out not shortly and after and asked to leave she looked us dead in the eye and said after this life you will remember this conversation and will be sorry. we told her we loved her an hope shell remember it too.everyone just has a little bit of truth but how much will thier happiness be if they knew the fullness of the gospel! i love serving the lord. i love spreading the truth its just hard when people dont want to hear it. i was thinking this past week of my calling as a servant of the lord and why it is so hard. as a missionary our responisibitly is to find those that are looking for the truth, strengthing investigators, help recent converts, cuidado os membros, trust in your comp, build other testimonies through the spirit and at the same time have a firm foundation yourself. its a calling that i strive to fulfill everyday to the best of my ability before the clock strikes 10. my scripture for this week is mosiah 4 9-12. believe in the god that created you that he has all power and wisdom and that we wont comprehend how much he knows but humble yourselves and always remember of his goodness and that we are nothing with out him... i love this because as a missionary even with this huge calling i rejoice in his goodness everyday.. i am happy doing his work, he is the reason i am here.. eu não vou nunca esquecer... i love you all fique firmelove sister corbin

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