Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Letter #26 The Word of God In Our Backpacks

Hi, ahhhhh there is always so much to say... i got your letter about the beehives they are so cute! i wonder where my comps from the mtc in provo are if they ever made it to brazil. were supposed to get 17 new missionaries in march so were all praying they get their visas. two sisters are leaving in march and two are coming so well have a solid 10 sisters right now in the mission hopefully.
Well this week was great! the other day we discovered that we have monkeys in the trees outside our apartment building haha they are so cute little baby ones that jump all over the place i dont know how i missed them before. and this week i will make 6 months!!! what i cant believe it. 1/3 of my mission is over. i think about it sometimes and i just got here! as for the language its coming. im always praying for the gift of tongues. I can almost understand everything now just a few words here and there or if they have a different accent. I look back on the days when i could barely say my name and how much the lord has blessed me to speak this language to spread the work. this week i want to share a story about a lady we met on the street On Saturday my companion and I were walking on the street we stopped to open up a candy we just bought when I heard someone call us. I looked over and saw this lady so we went over to her. She asked us if we could share a message with her. She told us that she knew that we had the word of God in our backpacks and that we were sent down that street to share something with her. I asked her if we could go inside so she let us in. Her name is Valdireni and she is a mother of seven boys. She quickly felt the spirit as we talked with her. She loves the story of Joseph Smith and the next night she decided to do as he did and pray about what direction she should take. Last night as we were there she told us "Joseph prayed under some trees but I prayed in my room. The surrounding was different but the answer was the same." She described how she felt the Holy Ghost surround her in a blanket of love. She described it in the most beautiful way I´ve ever heard. Yesterday morning she was at the park with a friend who is struggling in life. She said that the park reminded her of the trees that surrounded Joseph Smith so she decided to share his story with this friend. She said "Have you heard of the story of Joseph Smith? He was a boy who prayed when he had problems and then God helped him. When we have problems and need help we need to do as Joseph Smith and pray for help too." As she got up from the bench to leave she looked back at him and told him "Don´t you forget about Joseph Smith and to pray." I love this lady!! She told us that she had never heard of this story before but now feels the urge to share it with anyone and everyone.Yesterday we gave her the Book of Mormon and before we could even explain it she quickly took it and said that she´d read it. She has a baptism date set for the beginning of March. :) its just like you said mom the field is white and ready to harvest we never know who is ready to hear the gospel in vals case she was so ready she had to yell our names across the street to get our attention. the lord is truly putting people in our path that are being prepared. this past monday we had zone conference i loved it, it was all about obedience to the lord and to have true faith in his guidance. i love this quote i read this morning from good old Gordon B, " its not as bad as you think it is. it will all work out. i say this to myself every morning. everything will all work out. put your trust in god and go forward with faith and confidence in the future. he will not abandon you". this quote cant be more true. its never as bad as we think it is. just trust in the lord that it will all work out in the end thats our trial of faith during the trial so when we look back we can say we did it with joy in our hearts and faith in the lord. a little advice from president kimball- this life is not a race we're here to learn and grow, reach our fullest potential so one day we can have the possibility of godhood. im loving the work, staying strong despite the heat and finding those that the lord has prepared. i love you all!

Sister Corbin


  1. Talk about a "golden contact"!!! How exciting! I love reading her emails!!!

  2. Certainly a "Sweet treat" to find such a wonderful daughter of God. Just remember to open your mouth and speak what you know. I Lord will provide the means and people. Love to you Sis. Corbin. Love you, Aunt Vicki