Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Letter #33 She Was Our Answer

wow where to begin.... i never know. Conf was amazing but i will start with the beginning of the week. remembere joão... he wants to get baptized but his wife didnt want him to. so what did we do we ran over there and gave her a little bit of the spirit and she let it happen! the only prob was he left this weekend and his phone has been off for 3 days! the president of the branch went over to his house to see what happened and to schedule his baptism but he wasnt home. ill keep you updated on him.. he can baptized any day we just have to find him ha. well this past week we have been praying hard for some blessings some people to teach de verdade. i looked in the area book and whipped out some names to go visit. one in particular we couldnt find.. i wanted to give up bc it wasted about an hour justlooking for the street 5 min later sister flora said i found it! we knocked on the door and it was the wrong person he said she used to live here so we walked down to the bottom of the house and i yelled out the name a different women came to the door and i asked if she knew the person we were looking for she said no i just moved in two weeks ago... i said okay wel do you want to hear a message ha she was surprisingly open and let us in. as we began i asked if she wanted to ask or thank anything in the prayer she said direction...after the prayer i asked what exactly are you wanting direction in.. she said to be honest. religion. every church talks about something different, my mom is really firm in her church and my dad in an another, i have been praying for about a week now to god to send me or show the right path... about a week ago was when i pulled this address out of the area book.. i looked at sister flora and we both started to laugh. she said why are you laughing? because we are your answer... we started the lesson and with tears in her eyes she knew it was true, not only we were answers to her prayers but she was our answer to ours.. the next day the lord gave us another one.. his name is henrique he wants to change his life.. during the invite to be baptized before i finished he said eu quero.. the lord puts these people in our way to show them the truth. its just up to them to recognize their answer. last friday everything was great joão was interviewed found some new people but bam where is my planner! yup lost it... i was so sad. your planner is everything to you as a missionary you have contacts numbers tudo! i felt like my dog died if i had a dog thats what i felt like ha.. no joke prayed in every prayer to find my planner sister flora laughed bc i was still praying for it sunday..conf came around and we could only watch conf if we had different people in each session. everyone fell saturday morning ughh soo bummed ive never wanted to watch conf so bad in my life.. but we managed to bring two people to the second. henrique all dressed up and ready. sunday we brought mauricio and struggled to bring christiane to the second... but miracles do happen and i found my PLANNER i was so happy i was running up and down the street. apparently a little girl picked it up and has been using a little but the mom noticed and kept it until we came back looking for it. heavenly father always listens to our prayers even if we think they are for reasons doidas. right now we are teaching a family that im super excited about we found them in the area book too.. they were taught by the missionaries two years ago when the mom was going through cancer treatment.. they are progressing right now and all of them are reading the bom.. have high hopes for them.. ill keep you posted. i have a testimony that the lord is at the head of this work bc the little miracles i see everyday... theres no way he isnt.. im reading luke right now and in chap 9: 62 says no man having put his hand to the plough and looking back is fit for the kingdom.. im trying to put everything into this work and not look back this opportunity only comes once and its passing fast.. everyday were building our character to have a firm foundation... luke 6:48 when the flood comes.. it cannot shake it for it was founded upon a rock. vamos construir uma rocha com firmeza! i love you all! send much love from brasil. sister corbin

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