Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Letter # 36 Almost Like Angels

im glad to hear its beautiful in so cal of course hahah its getting colder every day and the wind doesnt stop but i just use my umbrella for protection it sometimes works ha...
ive learned on the mission that everything has a purpose i mean everything! its so cool to actually witness the lords hand in your life. he places people in front of you to help. for example okay so a miracle happened and i was able to get permissin to take blood monday and get the results yesterday and were in bh right now to go to the doctors but how this happened was we taught a lady who worked at the hospital and we asked her to help us figure everything out. she basically did everything, with out running into her and teaching her that lesson i wouldn't have been here today for the apptmt... or when we need to find someone or and address there are people always ready to help almost like angels that god sent to help his servant...

we have been teaching ellen who lives on the street we finished teaching her and we told her we would look for a homeless shelter for her. the first house we knocked on after we taught her was a person that is a social worker, hello thanks heavenly father, this stuff happens to us daily- hourly- i should say i love it, i love the mysteriousness of our heavnly fathers plan. we just have to go with it and trust him, he knows what he is doing... this letter will be pretty short bc we're going to miss our bus but a few quick updates...joão was confirmed sunday and is offish.. i made a contact on a bus this week and that person came to church even though it is 40 min bus ride! the elects come... no matter what.

so growing up in the gospel we learn as a child we are children of god "sou um filho de deus" i forget that not everyone knows this.. we were teachin ellen and she still is having drouble quiting with drugs. its basically all she has she says. i stopped and had to tell her.. her father is a king and she is a daughter of god with more potential then she could imagine. it was really emotional telling someone as if for the first time that they are a daughter of god with worth. i said you have to have a vision for the eternities not for tomorrow but live knowing this life is just a slice of the cake and that every decision you make your heavenly father is cheering for you on the sideline.. i tried to help with the eternal perspective bit, with her i think it will help, but helping somone quit hardcore drugs is not easy.
we had interviews with the pres this past week went great.. we're getting 18 missionaries this friday so transfers will be saturday, so for now i still don't know where ill be next week. i love barbacena. i want to stay but if there are sisters- i might have to train according to sister flora..
okay got to go our bus is litterally leaving.. keep killing it. remember this life is just one little slice of the cake its a good cake but only a small slice remember that hahah ta bom
love you all
sister corbin fique firme

(Pictures are of Sister Parella-Mission Presidents wife, All the Sisters serving in Belo Horizonte)

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  1. YEAH!!! Dallin/Elder Bergquist is one of the 18 arriving tomorrow morning! (Sister Parrella looks WAY different in this pic than she does in the mission booklet Dallin got with his mission call!) I am sooooooooooooo excited!!! They leave Miami at 11:05 and arrive at 8:05 the next morning!