Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Letter #37 Good vs. Evil

Ya i heard about bin laden yesterday just walking by a news stand... this area is a little poor so not many people have televisions and i havent heard anything just a small pic in a newspaper.. wow i cant believe so where was he hiding? he wasnt? he was in a nice house? then why did it take so long to get him hah sorry for the questions im curious i know nothing out here. but im glad its over so they threw his body in the ocean?..yes last week i got to go to the office i got the package and the face wash thank you! and i got abbys package too her package was amazing!!! had cliff bars and my fav cake mix how did she know o thats right shes my best THANKS ABBY I LOVE YOU! no i didnt get an easter package when did you send it?i prob wont get it for a while but maybe not bc i think this month we have a zone conference so well see. oh and so we stayed in BARBACENA for sure me and flora its her third transfer here. im excited to stay but im also a little worried about the weather its sooooo cold here!!! i dont have anything warm to wear hah so i wear 3 or 4 shirts with a nob leggings underneath my skirt and im good to go hah. im not sure the situation with the other missionaries or how many sisters came this week was full of ups and downs nothing new of course. i asked sister flora why belo doesnt have more baptisms or why the church isnt super strong like the other states, she said that minas is known as the state of catholicism. its always been super strong here. and i think that barb is number one on the list of strong catholics in minas. even after hearing the message, feeling the spirit, the next words that are commonly used are " eu nasci nela eu vou morrer nela"!... ouch okay okay im just trying to get you a mansion in the celestial kingdom, the terrestial kingdom is great but its not where you want. the past couple days ive been viewing the mission like a war of good vs evil.. i think of that pic of the missionaires with battle armor on before they leave for the day. ive been reading our heritage and how legit were the first missionaries. they were so strong. basically Heavenly Father said okay go there alone, poor, with nothing and i will bless you. what a test of faith its similar to what Heavenly Father told the missionaries in the Book of Mormon.. like Alma and the sons of Mosiah. they went against the lamanites alone, giving thier life for the gospel if they had to to spread the word (alma 17:10-13) i love reading Alma as a missionary bc it makes my mission look weak and that i can always do better. Heavenly Father lets us suffer before he blesses us.." yet ye shall be patient in long suffering and afflictions that ye may show forth good examples unto them in me and i will make an instrument of thee in my hands unto the salvation of many souls". but every missionary trust in the words of D&C 6:32 where two or three are gathered together in my name.. behold there i will be in the midst of them. i trust in this revelatoin, i know it to be true, i lived it, i live it still. he blesses those that follow him but only after thier trial of faith, alot of people forget that part. i always tell my investigators this life is a test Heavenly Father gave the invite.. who wants eternal life with me? who is willing to do everything to have it? the righteous shall prevail the weak shall have their kingdom. Heavnly Father knows what kingdom i want. i love this gospel i know it to be true. im happy knowing that this life is a mystery but can be whatever we make of it. i love you all! HAPPY MOTHERS DAY MOMMY! I CANT WAIT FOR OUR min and a half conversation this sunday hahah its 40 min again. i will be waiting with sister flora her call is right before mine her parents will call 1 oclock our time. i hope all this makes sense :) i cant believe its the second phone call já.. i love you até domingo me liga ta bom não esquece por que eu não lembro como ligar pra voces
sister corbin

(Sister Corbin turned into a leprecheun-I don't see the pot of gold?)

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