Friday, May 27, 2011

Letter #40 Their Choices Here Determine Destiny

Aubree's been out 9 months, she's half way home....Shout out to all the birthdays in may!!!! hannah lillywhite and jordan greer love you!!! of course my other half ashley whose birthday was in the beginning of may! Love you DAD...

i just got an email from abby ivory she is going on a mission!!!!! im so happy for her!!! i support her 100% but bummed bc i wont see her for so long!!! but im so excited to hear all about it. so about me this email will probs be super short.. i have been sick all week! its been miserable its the first time ive been sick de verdade on the mish. i woke up with sore throat thurs and fri it got worse so i went to the doc sat and started taking medicine monday i used up all the salt packets and most of the dayquil i bought at the mtc in provo but im getting better right now its just a lingering cough.. my body just couldnt handle the cold and the not sleeping the past few days.

so update this past week with paula, an investigator that was supposed to get baptized sunday she was doing great was interviewd satuday and was prepped for sunday. sunday morning when sister flora and i passed her house her friend said she was at her "moms" didnt believe her of course so i asked to go inside. we sat there waiting i wanted to look around the house but we had to leave to pick up roseanne a other investigator to take to church.. not sure what to do the baptism didnt happen after church we ran to her house to see what happened. she was there with her ex boyfriend he came back into her life sat night apparently she asked god for a sign to see if she should getbaptized and well he showed up and told her not to get baptized i wanted to say satan heard her prayer too and he sent the sign.. (they were hiding in the other room while we were there wating sunday morning... i knew i should of snooped around ha) it was heart breaking bc in less then 12 hours she changed her mind. she knows its true.. i read alma 46:8 today.. thus we see how quick the children of men do forget the lord thier god. this life is a test a test of mortality.. not all will pass. but its our job to help people realize thier choices here determine destiny! its so simple why dont they understand... who will get the glory of our father? alma 42:27 whoever will come may come and partake of the waters of life freely, and whosoever will not come is not compelled to come... also moroni is the man. the end. this week we have a baptism for roseanne she has probs with her children not accepting the gospel but we need to help her realize that her example will help her family become united once again.. this work is not easy we are literally servants of our heavenly father and representatives of his son, every act deed and expression. sometimes i question if i am doing what he would do... i try to think of this everyday before we leave the house bc once we put on the take im not mine but his... i love you all stay strong, live the gospel. be simple life is already sister corbin

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