Thursday, June 2, 2011

Letter #41 Let It Go, Press Forward

Aubree decorated this towel at Zone Conference...cute!

i sent the cards the same day thats wierd that they got there different times.. transfers are next week already. the weather is about the same its getting colder but good news remember that big blue sweater i didnt want to take well i found it in my suitcase so i have a sweater!!! i will buy if necessary but right now im good and i have using my black shoes with tights seems to be working. yesssssssss abbby is going on a mission well so she says idk when or where but if you hear anything let me know!!! i know how exciting but sad at the same time ha. auslin is getting married this month??? i thought you said august? and she will live in florida? i cant believe it she is so young but good for her if she found him. another summer full of basketball.. lakers =sad news = the coach is done? ya it will be a while before they come back strong if they are loosing him. im not too sick anymore just a little cough and a running nose... i know the lord watches over my family...

well it sounds like everything is going well this week went by fast, every week seems to go by faster . roseanne our investigator didnt get baptized this week, something happened to her tues or wed bc when we talked to her thursday she was different and decided she wasnt ready to be baptized.. her life completely changed after she found the gospel, she is happy and stable but she is not putting it together that the lord has given her these blessins and to keep having the blessings of the lord she needs to follow the spirit. o and remember paula, the girl that didnt get baptized bc her boyfriend came back well her boyfriend only came back for that one night! he left her again.. wow satan is mean. so now she isnt baptized and doesnt have a boyfriend. wickedness never was happiness when you choose the wrong it always gets worse. but we did have a blessing of a confirmation in church sunday we have been working with roberto for 5 months now to get confirmed and he came this past sunday!... so i recieved an answer in church during sacrament meeting. these past two weeks have been draining on me working so hard trying to have baptisms and all of them falling through the last day. a member gave a talk on forgiveness and at that moment i realized that this weight that i was carrying was full of unforgiveness (not sure if that make sense) but i couldnt let things go. i couldnt let go that paula wasnt baptized and i couldnt let go that roseanne all the sudden decided to move on.. when jesus was on the cross he said father forgive them for they know not what they do... i have to have this attitude in order to be happy.. let it go. we have to learn to be christ like and really put this principle into practice. the lord will forgive whom he will forgive but for us we have to forgive everyone. i didnt really realize that that was the thing that was making me discouraged. that moment i decided to move on. press forward with the lords work and the blessings will come only after our trial of faith..... in our heritage one of the pioneers stated " we came through with the absolute knowledge that god lives for we became acquainted with him in our extremities". im reading in alma right now about the 2000 stripling warriors and how they remembered what their mothers taught them .. "we do not doubt our mothers knew it" mom i often read josuah 1:9 its on my wall everyday i know the lord is with me i do not doubt or fear. press on, the work is ready to harvest, whose ready to work?
i love you all. keep killin it.
sister corbin

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