Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Letter #42 Carry On


wow tons to say... so today was transfers and monday was the phone call... sister flora and i got nothing. so we figured we were staying in barbacena one more transfer. we were excited and started making plans for everything. tuesday morning we went to our district meeting and the sisters came up to us and said comps!... huh? sister hunsaker said i will be with sister flora and sister hunsakers comp, sister dunlop will be with me. we were so confused and i called the pres and he said o ya i havnt finished my list yet you guys will be transferred. i was happy but sad at the same time i love barbacena and to my surprise they shipped me back to VENDA NOVA... yup im back in my first area. its super wierd it feels like im visiting my mission.. where is sister clement ha. i guess the last sisters here was me, sister dias and sister hunsaker and the ward has been requesting sisters again so were back. of course the house was trashed! why dont elders clean so gross. i dont even want to take a shower ha. so right now im with sister dunlop she is from portland oregon and has 7 months on the mish. she is great, it should be interesting to see how it goes when two 5´8 tall blondes walk the streets together down here in brasil. well this past week flew by and we had a ton of success on sunday with our investigators. the lord really blessed us. we had 11 people in church and 7 were a suprise. michelle and rogiero are a couple we found back in march they know everything but its been hard for them to get to church bc they both work sundays, and two people we taught showed up alone. we were surprised bc they didnt seem interested at all. i guess you never know who really is listening or ready to hear the gospel.. got to be 100% all the time. we had lunch at the church and a baptism of a members daughter. monday and tuesday found some more investigators and everything was looking good and of course bam transfers, this always seems to happen. but i know the lord knows what he is doing and were going to kill it here in VN. sister ruckert got to go to barbacena she is excited..i left all my blankets there for to sleep with its alot warmer here so im not too worried about the weather this week i finished alma and our heritage. can i just say that i love gordon b. i miss him. when they asked him what his focus of his presidency he said "carry on".."things will work out, keep trying, be belieiving. be happy.dont get discouraged, things will work out".. i love this, its so true were all going to pass through trials problems whatever it is we know it will come so dont be surprised when things dont go according to plan just carry on, its life. this too shall pass. life is a journey, what we will make of it is our choice. in the end of the book it says, "we are privledged to live at a time when we can offer our faith and sacrifices in helping to establish the kingdom of god, a kingdom that will stand forever". i am so grateful that i was chosed to be born into the gospel. this world is so out there these days that im amazed we find the elects. i have comfort in knowing our heavenly fathers plan and this life has a purpose... most people when i ask them about life they dont have a response they dont know why they are here and what they are doing. but hey thats why im here... we got to carry on, carry on the true to those that want to know.

i love you all,

seja feliz e nunca disanimar

sister corbin

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