Friday, June 17, 2011

Letter #43 A White Door

brenan=junior=driving=wierd slash cant happen.. he will be 16 soon= dating hahaha brenan dating i cant wait to see the girls he brings home. what are you guys going to do about a car for him? aww man the mavs won... booooooooo whatevs the lakers will take it next year they always like these special come backs.welp this week went by soooo fast! to be honest i was nervous to be back in venda nova but i love it! i dont remember everything but its slowly coming back. all the members were so happy i came back the last sister in thier ward was me ha so they all remembered who i was. no sister flora went to ouro branco a neighbor city to barbacena. so the elders in this area left nothing, no investigators, no instructions just a little paper with the baptisms that fell. so sister dunlop and i were ready to work. thursday and friday we tried to find people to take to church and saturday was an exposition in the park that we did with the members. one thing that changed is that the members seem more excited about missionary work so this should help alot. thursday we found roxanne a niece to a member but she never went to church or never really wanted to learn about it. we have been working with her she came to church and is preparing for baptism for this sunday. saturday we found vincious and old investigator that we found in the area book. he is great! he also came with us on sunday and is preparing to be baptized sunday. the lord has been blessing us for our hard work. monday was cool experience that i would like to share. it was 830 at night we had 30 min to teach two lessons and find a new investigator. we knocked on a few doors and were able to teach alesson in 10 min at the door step.. he wasnt interested we moved on and we wanted to hit our goal of 7 lessons we were walking down the street and i saw a white door.. kept walking i felt the spirt to stop and go there.. kept walking a third time i felt it really strong so i said sister we need to cross the street we went over to this door and there was a man smoking near it i asked him how he was doing and he said he was good we started talking and began giving the first lesson he said actually i want this in my life i want to change.. sister dunlop being brave and also feelin the spirit invited him to be baptized after talking to him for about 5 min. he accepted! we walked away excited knowing that the lord blessed us for being obedient and listening to the spirit. on tuesday we went to the district meeting way late bc i broke the key in our apartment door ha and had to make a new one but the sisters that are in pampulha told me some great news. ronald is coming back to church he just fell with drinking again and felt like he wasnt worthy to go back.. i wrote him a letter a few weeks ago to shapen up and go back to church the sisters said that he showed the letter to them all happy. he will make it he just needs support.i also asked about a baptism that me and sister rueckert left behind, a couple. i heard they were ba´ptized but didnt hear anything else the sisters said that they were firm and they go every week and will get a calling soon! i was sooo happy i wanted to cry. the joy of knowing that you helped someone really change is a joy i dont think i have ever felt before the mission. i love being a part of this work and knowing that im making a differnce. after the meeting we taught 8 lessons running and i havnt felt this tired in a long time. im excited for this transfer bc sister dunlop is ready to work. we taught a family that spoke english the other day and i had to ask to switch to portugues bc i was talking so slow it was wasting time ha who would of thought i would rather speak port then my own language but its true. i love the gifts the lord has given me he doesnt stop, we need to recognize his hand in all things even when we have a horrible day there was a blessing somewhere. this saturday were having an open house in the church so were hoping we can get some good references from that.. got to keep so tired!!sister dunlop and i are going to start running in the mornings to keep in shape for how much running we do inbetween apptmts... sister d reminds me of windi (cousin). i know that windi always wanted to serve a mission and i feel like im her comp. it makes me feel like im with family here in brasil... love ya windi!... she is from oregon, hillsboro she says its close to portland maybe close to vicki?people out there that are my friends ha... a letter or two would be nice...? ya that would be good a letter. you know who you are.well all is well here in VN just working, baptizing, bringing the gospel to the wonderful brasilians, eating beans rice and bread everyday and life is good.some advice listen to the spirit heleman 5:30

love you all!

Sister Aubree Corbin

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