Sunday, June 26, 2011

Letter #44 What Great Faith

Fam bam,

wooohoooo bren ughhh i miss playing so bad! those are the best moments, hitting a three at the buzzer! i taught him all i know ahha jk but seriously ha. he will remember that for the rest of his life. he will grow soon and will be dominating on the court soon. yay a package im excited... im more excited about getting the ensign we dont have the conference talks still.

ABBY- OMG IM SOOOO EXCITED FOR YOU!!! I KNEW YOU WOULD GO TO ROME OF COURSE how stoked are you!!! dont worry about the language it will come.. the gift of tongues is real the first 6 months is struggle but after you will find it hard to speak in english i promise if your obedient and do what the lord asks of you, the blessings come with it. awwww i want to talk to you so bad! i will have to wait a whole year ughhh haha but thats okay i will return the fav and send lots of packages and letters! i have a friend serving there so when your there youll have to look for her for me maybe she will train you! i love you so much. i will write you a letter next week with details but as for now just study the scriptures a ton and youll be set! ps send me details about how you opened your call hah

wow okay where to begin the blessings are just left and right right now.. besides being literally exhausted im great... we run everywhere litterally the lord is blessing us with so many investigators were teaching 10- 11 lessons a day. im getting blisters on my feet bc i havent worn my chacos in a few months but thats okay i wear bandaids.. the other day i looked down and my name tag was gone we were running to the next appt i didnt realize it fell.sad. but i have others. this past saturday we had an open house at the church it was a success and we got a lot of references.. also it was my 10 months??? what yes i have been out that long but it doesnt seem like anything the time is flying by especailly right now. we made abbys cake she sent me sooo good! we had 2 baptisms for sunday roxanne and vinicius. saturday roxanne was interviewed and was solid but we couldnt find vincius anywhere we went to his house wasnt ther the aunt said he went to his freinds house so we ran there, wasnt there, i thought maybe he went tot he church, wasnt there either we were running after him for two hours when i came to the conclusion we werent going to find him i was bummed bc without the interveiw he cant be baptized. we kept our heads high and finshed of the night. the next morning he was home to go to church but something was different.. we also brought 6 others to church. we were all sitting in gospel principles when the lider da obra came and asked why vinicius wasnt getting baptized i said bc he wasnt interviewed he grabbed vinicius out of class and drove him to the other church where the district leader was to get interviewed! we were so happy we were going to have two baptisms. the lord heard our prayers... but about an hour later the district leader called and said he was still smoking and coulndt get baptized. my heart was crushed... why didnt he say anything.. later we found out it was a half of a cigarrette and he felt guilty getting baptized without being complety clean.. after church we had roxannes baptism it was great the other elders had three baptisms in a total of 4. the spirit was really strong and we had a few investigators stay to watch. the lord has been blessing us with new people everyday. we dont know how were going to bring everyone to church this week but its going to be great. we have three baptisms lined up for this week vincius, leonardo and herom. vincius and leonardo both have 20 years and my dream for them is to go on a mission. we tell them everyday your going to be a missionary and vincius wants to be one day. yesterday we were teaching him in the bom and a friend of his came in and asked us a question about the sabbath day before i could say anything he said let me handle this and started teaching him ha after he said how did i do? we said perfect you will be teaching like that in a years time he started to laugh and i said i hope. the days pass super fast and can hardle keep track of time.. i love the work and i love working with sister dunlop she really is great company and is always ready to do whatever to help our investigators. i had a few blonde moments this week when we went to the wrong house for fhe hahah but thats okay we all make mistakes the lord understands...

i was reading in the liahona the other day a talk by jane bleak he said when problems come into our lives its not because of disobedience but its because heavenly father thinks we are ready to learn something or teach us something... he said its for our eternal benefit, later on in the talk it says we have to look at them and say what i can learn from this or why is hf giving me this difficulty. so true if we look at probs like this everytime imagine how christlike we would be im so far from all of this but the mission is really helping me learn and grow everyday. i feel the spirit everyday and try to follow it i wish ic ould share the stories but never have enough time. also reading in acts right now love a quote that says heaven is my throne but earth is my footstool. in acts 5: 40-42 the apostles left rejoicing this council meeting after being beaten for preaching about the savior and said were counted worthy to suffer shame for his name" what great faith... i love you all

até mais, fique firme


sister corbin

ps does anybody wnt to send me peanut butter im almost out!!!!!

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