Saturday, July 2, 2011

Letter #45 Continue in Faith

wow where to begin this week was even crazier then the last... definietly was a hard week but the weeks seem to fly.. so last week we were preparing vinicius to be baptized i told him thurs friday and sat that satan doesnt want him to get baptized will do everything in his power to keep him from going to church sunday.. our other candidates for baptism was herom and leonardo.. herom is a cute grandpa that unfortunately has a huge addiction to alcohol and needs to get treated before he can get baptized but he is still going to church and leonardo decided he wants to get baptized july 10. we got a call from our lider da obra and he said that an area seventy was coming to our ward and the stake pres so we were trying our hardest to get as many peopl to church we had about 14 people to take to church.. welp everything went wrong. went to vinicius house he said he had to help his aunt with some stuff early but he promised he would be at the church at 10 he couldnt say no to his aunt bc he lives there for free and has to do everything she asks.. we went to all the houses and every person left or decided they didnt want to go. we were able to bring one person out of 14 to church.. after the second hour of church passed i started to get nervous bc vinicius didnt show up 11 oclock 12 oclock nothing. i held back the tears as i accpted he asnt coming..after church we had lunch and found a new investigator her name is cleidiane she is 17 and is great! she went to church with angelica and accepted to be baptized this sunday this gave me more hope so we went back to venda nova and went straight to vinicius house he wasnt there so we went to the soccer field wasnt there went to his friends house wasnt there after three hours of hope in having a baptism in the church that night we said a prayer to give us comfort and discernment.. we did our part there was notthing more we could do. monday turned everything i dont know if you remember but when i was here in venda nova with sister clement and dias, hunsaker we were always teaching a man named adilson.. he killed a man as a security guard ten years ago and had to get permission from the first presidecny to get baptized. him and his wife angelica got married so she could baptized but he has been waiting since march of last year.. i got a call from president parrella that he got authorized to get baptized and that i would be able to be the missionary to do the baptism.. i almost dropped the phone O MY GOSH i said in english to him on the phone. i was so happy we visted this family non stop giving messages of comfort and faith and the day has finally arrived and i get to be apart of it. monday we were near thier house so we decided to go there and wait till adilson got home to tell angelica it was such an exciting moment for them and they cant wait to be sealed in the temple in one year. his baptism is scheduled for next wed so pres parrella can come and participate too...its so funny how in one day you can be so low and the next be so happy.. im so excited to be here in venda nova right now the lord is blessing us non stop. we found another family that needs to get married and get baptized and a few other promising investigators but when the tribulations come you just have to ask what our heavenly father wants us to learn and with vinicius he told me i need to be humble. not everything will work out the way we want it to.. this is fact its life we have to take the bumps as they come and smile im working on this attribute because when you do everything you can and the blessing didnt come you question yourself was there something else i could have done but sometimes the lord gives us challenges just to test us. in acts 14:22 it says continue in faith and that we must through much tribulation enter into the kingdom of god. i love this it says MUCH TRIBULATION eternal life comes with a price, not everyone will make it there bc the weak will give up i want to be counted amongst the elects... im also reading in 3 nefi right now sooo good read 3 nefi 11-14 it just talks about how simple the gospel is if we let it be apart of our lives. the path is there, satan will put his blocks where he may but we know the way to the end.
the gospel is true.the end.
aubree lyn corbin

ps i used the perdometer this week and the most steps we walked was 30, many miles is this? how many steps are in a mile?

pss dont worry that i cant feel my legs because we run everywhere and i fell the other day ahahhahahaha it was hillarious i didnt feel a thing bc my legs get numb but sister dunlop said it was graceful ha thought i would share this with you, you can just imagine how it went...

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