Thursday, July 7, 2011

Letter #46 Blessings Always Come

Happppppy 4th! welp it was a normal day fourth of july except its sister dunlops fav holiday so she wore a red shirt and a blue skirt to celebrate, we bought marshmellows that were sooo expensive, chocolate and cookies to make smores, wow i didnt know i missed a smore until i made one... "now you take the graham and the mallow and then you eat it smalls" ahah i miss sand lot. wow so much to say in this email where to begin... okay i dont really remember what i said in the last email but cleidiane was the girl that went to church last last sundayy with a member we invited her to be baptized and she accpeted the date of july 3. we were working with her this whole week and she is amazing on friday we taught her entire family.. the prob is that her parents are not married bc her mom recieves a fund from her ex husband that died to support her and her kids. we showed them the restoration video and after the video the dad said, Wow i hope one day my whole family can be a part of this church" um hello perfect answer.. we said they can and you all can be together for the eternities.. on saturday cleidiane was interviewed for her baptism and started another fast hoping the blessings would come... but the lunch before fast was horrible. the sister grabbed my plate and started to put food on it but she got distracted and didnt stop sister dunlop started to laugh bc she knew i would have to eat all that was there i started toget a stomach ache just looking at it..most of the time here i dont know what i eat.. and i dont ask bc when i do i cant eat. yesterday i ate liver and didnt know it. they have this dish here called feijão.. its beans with every type of meat you can think of. they love it! i had it about a week ago and i wondered why the meat looked differnt asked sister dunlop after we ate she said it was pigs foot with straight fat with skin off the bone of the pig, it was pink and everything still i almost threw up after she said it ha anyways back to my story oh sunday was a blessing the best sunday ever well this sunday will be the best sunday ever but we woke up early to bring people to church alot of our people fell but had hopes that cliedianes family would come and watch her baptism and another fam we met saturday night. we got to church and we had 15 people there! we still were missing about 8! i was so happy... everyone stayed for cleidianes baptism and her whole family supported her. after lunch we visited her and the fam and the dad said that in his 48 years he never liked any church until now and wanted all his children to be apart of it... we then invited all the kids to be baptized this coming sunday and the youngest girl is so cute she is 12 and said i cant wait to be baptized when can i and can it be soon? she is so cute. sister dunlop and i were so happy that we found this family! they are progressing so much they already want to go to seminary and read the doutrina e convenios.. yesterday cleidiane said she has been thinking alot and said she already decided she wanted to go on a mission! she is only 17! she is legit. this week has been a blessing beyond blessings. tonight we have the baptism of adilson who has been waiting for a year and half to get baptized i invited him also to recieve the aaronic preisthood this sunday so he can baptize his 8 year old son and the three siblings of cleidiane... i love the gospel and how the atonement works. two weeks ago he was waiting for his letter and now he is getting baptized will recieve the holy ghost and the priesthood to baptize not only his son but his friends that have accepted the gospel! they are already planning on getting sealed this time next year in the temple! i want to be there so bad. im so happy i am part of this wonderful change in thier lives. we also have leonardo a twenty year old that is also getting baptized this sunday... i cant wait for this week! i cant tell time anymore the days are flying and im loosing myself in the work. two sundays ago i wondered where the blessings were why we werent having any success after long days of teaching and struggling but i have to remember that the blessings always come but in the time of the lord. the blessings are here and i cant count them all. our purpose in this life is to become like our father and his son and help others along the way... the invite in 3 néfi 27:27 they ask what manner of men ought ye be and he says even as i am... striaght is the gate and narrow is the way that leads to life but there be few that find it. im so happy that i am part of this wonderful gospel and that my entire family is sealed togehter for eternity there is no greater gift or joy in this life to know that we have hope and life after this one... fique firme no evangelho, os bençoas vão cair quando nos merecemos mas até eles vem nos precisamos perserverar.. até mais Sister Aubree Lyn Corbin

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