Sunday, July 17, 2011

Letter #47 Shake Things Off

wow this week was full of blessings litterally.. its weird on the mission i think in sundays.. sundays are game days and all our hard work through out the week is shown on who shows up to church or not. last pday we had the baptism of adilson and president parrella came it was great! we had a lot of people from the ward show up and held a little party for him afterward but his son was baptized too on this day i thought he was going to wait until sunday but he wanted to be baptized with his dad. we didnt stay for the party instead we ran to teach another progressing family. unfortunately they wernt able to come to church this sunday bc the daughter got sick but im excited for them and can see them getting baptized in two weeks..
thursday our shower litterally burned all of the sudden i heard sister dunlop scream sister sister!!! i ran over to see and the shower was on fire and lite a mark on the bathroom wall welp i didnt take a shwoer that morning ha dont worry we got it fixed but im not sure how long it will last until the next fire.
friday we had fhe with cleidiane and her family with the family of adilson it was a blessing to see the progress of all of them. somehow we got on the topic of miralces and the mom said this entire week i havent had any desire to drink.. before we arrived she drank everyday and fought with her husband every night the moment we started teaching she stopped.. the dad needs to stop with cigs and they need to get married but thier kids are amazing. they all participated in fhe and were excited for sunday to get baptized.
saturday there was a party at the church during all our interviews for our baptisms its called festa do junina its where everyone dresses up like a cowboy and square dances its like a ho down i asked pres if we could participate to get references and of course he said no but we were in the church whle the party was outside so we got a good glimpse and participated in the food the members brought to us.
sunday was scheduled to have 4 baptisms three =the brother and sisters of cleidiane and leonardo. i was a little bit more relaxed about these baptisms then i should have been because they seemed so for sure... well satan doesnt have breaks he never stops working against you. i learned this this week that you can never let your gurad down never think anything is solid bc the enemy knows what to do to destroy the kingdom. we showed up with one investigators all our others fell and then we heard that leo couldnt come to church to get baptized bc his boss didnt let him and the mom and dad of cleidiane got in a fight and almost didnt come to church...but fortunately they all came except the dad and all three were baptized and we had 3 confirmations in sacrament meeting. i loved watching the reaction on the kids faces right before they entered the water they were so excited. no wonder children are the kingdom of heaven we need to humble ourselves and become like them. this family is unique and im so happy i met them. graciene who is 15 years old yesterday wrote us a note that said thank you for helping her family know the truth and helping her choose the right to get baptized. i can see them all one day enter the temple and get sealed in the temple for all eternity.. adilson who got baptized wed is already planning on going through the temple a year from now!
right now were trying to help the g ma of cleidiane to get baptized too we switched out her coffee for barley and she didnt notice haha so this is the first step.. the work continues]
so im reading in the conference magazine right now that finally arrived in english and i loved the talk of elder kent f richards on the atonement covers all pain
he said, " our great personal challenge in mortality is to become a saint through the atonement of christ. no pain that we suffer is wasted. it ministers to our education to the development of such qualities as patience, faith, and humility...chirst chose to experience pains and afflictions in order to understand us perhaps we also neet to experience the depths of mortality in order to understand him and our eternal purposes"
i love this quote it all makes sense. he went through everything certainly we have to go through a little bit to know him as well. we are all not immuned to temptation and problems in this life, we all came here to go through trials and to see how we handle them.. im learning more and more everyday to shake things off and keep my head high im far from being near perfect but when trials come i try to think before i act and always be prepared for the enemy to do something unexpected. when were ready for him he cant knock down our sure foundation but we can carry on strong as we try to become saints in these later days.
i cant believe that we will know if were staying or leaving venda nova monday transfers already came and i have no idea what to expect
i love you all
stay strong, stay firm, stay well, legit in the gospel of christ, i know its true bc we need a profit in these later days if its not pres thomas s monson where is he? i love our prophet and the perfect church of our savior]
sister aubree corbin

(Aubree loves to say everything is "LEGIT" hence the sign, funny!)

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