Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Letter #48 Little Did I Know

shocker we didnt get transfered.... when president didnt call monday i didnt believe it was true so i decided that because he didnt call we would get a call tues that we would train two new sisters and move from our areas so we were waiting all day tues and nothing happened tues nigh, it was oficial we were so excited!!"! we concluded that no new sisters arrived so we got to stay together and finish our work here in venda nova... we have tons of work to do and are so so excited for this sunday! leondardo will finally get baptized... he was supposed to get baptized this past sunday but another thing got inthe way.. we even considered having his baptism 7 in the morning. but everything will work out this time got to have faith... we also have three potentials that are looking firm.. one is junior a 23 year old that is an elect to the max. he stopped coffee before we asked and accepted every commandment with ease. we have another named adriano his story was interesting, really shows how the lord works. so we recieved a few references from a card that the members give out. we went to this persons house and she doesnt remember anything about the reference.. because you have to actually go on the internet and ask for a pamphlet then the missionaries go to your house and teach you, basically. well she didnt accept, so decided to help a less active member that happened to be her nieghbor we were talking with him and his friend adriano passed by i said you want to hear a message about christ he said actually yes... little did i know he was praying and fasting for guideness all week to find the truth... he went to church this last sunday and accepted baptism for this sunday it was truly the work of the lord for us to go to this house to get rejected to find the this less active to invite adriano to hear the message... this is how heavenly father works i love it. we can never be hesitant to open our mouths and invite becasue we never know who is ready to hear. the other potential for this sunday is marisa she is a 26 year old mom with 3 kids no husband and her parents abandoned her... talk about a hard life. i want to cry every time we teach her beacuse she has gone through so much and just wants a happy family that she can trust. the gospel in every case is the only way to go. its the answer to everything. i am so excited to stay here and finish out our work here. it was funny we had a fhe with some members last night and they said you can say that your home is california and venda nova i will pass more then a 1/3 of my mission here and they were all excited too i love this ward and the members i feel like home..
this week i finished the conference talks and few quotes stuck in my mind all week
one is from christofferson that says," though it is difficult to endure, truly we ought to rejoice that god considers us worth the time and trouble to correct"
why do we get offended when someone corrects us its just a chance to become better...
another by nelson, "we live to die and we die to live again, each is born with challenges to overcome and faith to be developed... mortalitly is a period of probation, a time of trial and testing to see if we will do whatever the lord commands us to do".
every time a challenge comes up or a trial it shows us that god is ready to try our faith again only the firm and faithful will make it to the end. we got to prove ourselves, the key to eternal life is not just baptism but is in the perserverence.
and my fav is ballard " the gospel is simple no matter how much we try to make it complicated"
love you all!!! THANK YOU FOR THE EMAILS!!!! i will write because i cant email back.
i am so happy here in brasil i love helping others help themselves the greatest joy is watching the change happen... clediane and the family started personal progress in the young womens program already and are excited to prepare to go to the temple! love it. now we gota go find another family to baptize ha
sister corbin

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