Thursday, April 21, 2011

Leter #35 Be Not Afraid


so this week was great! we find out if we get transfered this monday already.. i dont want to leave here. the members are starting to help and right now we have some promising investigators for the future.. we just found out that 19 missionaries are coming in friday i dont know if sisters are included or americans too but i will know by next letter.. barbacena is getting colder everyday i hope my clothes will do... i made 8 months monday already just in a few days we get to call home and then ill have 9 months = half my mission is already over... these past couple months have flown..sunday João was baptized! finally. we met with him saturday we watched the restoration video and after i invited him to be baptized for sunday.. he said i dont know if im ready i dont know alot still.. i said joão even the prophet doesnt know everything, your ready to take this step in your life. he said you really think? i said i dont think i know bc i feel the spirit right now telling me you are i invited him one more time and with certainty he siad VOU (i will). his baptism was great except he had to be baptized three times bc they couldnt figure out how to get him under the water sister flora and i tried to keep it together. a gift was also wating for us at church. a women named ellen went just to visit. she was curious about the church and decided to check it out. i asked if we could meet with her to teach some more about the church i asked where she lived and she said no where i was confused and she said on the street.. before i could respond she said i ran away from my husband that beat me and i have no family they have all passed so i ran from city to shock i didnt know wht to say but she seemed hap´py and said dont worry i want to learn about the church so we marked to teach her at the capela. when we got ther we found where she sleeps the side of the church where the garbage goes we found a pillow and a small blanket. i wanted to cry i coulndt imagine her life. we taught her the first lesson and the spirit was super strong i told the first vision and felt tears in my eyes i looked up and she had tears in hers i passed the pic of js to sister flora before the tears fell. after we asked how she was feeling she said que differente... ive never felt this before in any other church. she told us that she was planning on leaving barbacena after the church but she wants to stay to learn more... she siad ihave been looking for this my whole life hoping from to church to church leaving when i dont feel god.. i said you found it. with happiness in her eyes we sang families can be together forever. i have high hopes for ellen i already have a connection with her i just want whats best. everytime we teach people like ellen its so crazy to see how the lord works he put her in a city in a spot next to the church where she would visit and change her life. there is no doubt in my mind that our heavenly father is mindful of every single child he carefully lays out his plan with out any of us realizing whats happening. we just have to have trust in him and follow what is son said "be not afraid...only believe"-jesus cristo.i love you allaté mais...fique firme

sister aubree corbin

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  1. WOW! That story about Ellen almost made ME cry! What wonderful experiences our missionaries have!!!